Ars Electronica – European Benchmark – Festival started in 1979 with smaller footprint than Arts and Algorithms


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ART is a powerful catalyst in the regeneration of communities

  • Arts education is a key to creativity
  • Creativity spurs innovation
  • Innovation creates new industries
  • New industries, with their jobs, are the basis of our future economic well-being
  • Economic well-being generates and demands arts and culture



A TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD CAPITAL, Titusville, Florida is the perfect showplace for arts in the digital domain. A population rich in creative talent–in science, technology, engineering and math–has launched men and women into space, catapulting new technologies that continue daily to improve our life on Earth.


According to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the capacity for creativity and innovation as well as information, media and technology literacy are essential elements for success in future work environments.

Although STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields were at the core of innovation during the last century, in the 21st century the arts have attained a prominent role as a fifth element that makes the STEM combination more powerful: STEAM, where the A stands for arts and design.

Transforming STEM to STEAMenhances student technology literacy, unlocks creative potential, and fosters learning engagement. Some of the most successful companies in the world, like Apple and Pixar, link their achievements to the marriage between technology and humanities.

In this context, ART & ALGORITHMS seeks to enhance student and teacher understanding of Digital and New Media Art and to stimulate their interest in STEAM and technology-based artistic activities.

According to eweek.com:

  • The U.S. technology industry added 198.200 net new jobs in 2015.
  • The tech industry makes up 7.1 percent of the overall GDP in the U.S.
  • The IT services sector easily topped all other segments in growth.
  • The average high tech working in the U.S. made $105,400 om 2015.
  • The most lucrative industry to be working in is software.
  • Tech workers continue to be in high demand—especially software developers, computer support specialists and systems analysts.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the tech industry.
  • The unemployment rate in the tech industry is half that of the entire U.S. job market.
  • CompTIA credit the tech industry’s growth to cloud computing and mobility, among other factors, reshaping business.

Source: http://www.eweek.com/it-management/slideshows/high-tech-industry-job-creation-engine-powers-into-2016.html


By building on our authentic assets, we are building a SENSE OF PLACE…
A positive and powerful forward focus will help us attract, develop, and preserve diverse talent, innovative companies and a vital, culturally healthy community.

The logic and unique potential of this festival is to market and communicate in the language of the offer, digitally, and target key audiences, ages, occupations, niche affinity groups and internet behaviors to net an international visitor presence, a far-ranging Florida guest presence, local positive participation and post event buzz in sustainable digital channels … exposure echoing long after the final festival day … providing recognition for the community, the event and our sponsors  in digital ‘lights’ not just those seen on the ground during but festival ground zero recognized from afar and longer, in the digital echoes after the festival.


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