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Plan to POWER ON at Art & Algorithms  • Digital Artists, Galleries, Short Films and Hands-on Interactive Fun in Titusville on Florida’s Space Coast

International Films starting on Tuesday Jan 31. The full festival opens Feb 3.  Where to start? Go to the calendar, see what’s happening each day and make your plans.  You can get tickets for some events in advance (even when they are free).

Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2 – International Film Festival only
Feb 3, Feb 4, Feb 5 – Full Festival AND Film Festival too!

Where is it? Go to DIGITAL HQ on the menu at the top of the page for a map.

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The goal of Art & Algorithms Digital Arts Festival is simple and ambitious: to celebrate art in the digital domain with work that entertains and educates but will, above all, take your breath away. 



Art & Algorithms—October 2015 featured more interactive opportunities, to touch and explore and the international artist interactions which are so important to the core of the festival–to entertain and educate.  Art & Algorithms Digital Arts Festival continues to bring a stellar short films festival to Titusville, curated by Clifton Stewart, of the UK. 2016 will be Clifton’s 4th year as part of the International Curatorium for Arts & Algorithms.

Art & Algorithms—October 2014 featured international films, spectacular 3-D animation projection and a featured digital artist from the U.K. The festival brought together contemporaries in international digital arts from U.S. and Europe within an interactive street party atmosphere. Artists Nathan Selikoff, David Montgomery, Mark Franz and the creative Ninjineer Studios provided new and exciting digital work. Highlights of the festival included:

Andrew Brooks, self portrait

Andrew Brooks, self portrait

  • Our featured artist from the UK, Andrew Brooks — known for monumental fantasy landscapes created from many mega-resolution digital images that have been described as having “a touch of the cosmic in lots of the fantastical panoramas” Andrew spent a couple of weeks teaching– and learning about our area.




TheSignatureFestivalEventThe integration of art and technology around digital art installations with musical performance and other exploratory sounds to create one-of-a-kind interactive experiences in Titusville. Action-packed, larger than life.


Holographic&Lenticula-ExhibitWhat are the limits of digital art? How about art that asks for your input, making you a part of the process and the result?  As unlimited as the human imagination…


FilmFestivalAward-winning digital short films from around the world daily. The International Film Show curated by Clifton Stewart brings both an international festival sensibility and films representing many cultures and points of view.



Digital walls, demonstrations by special guests, artist meet-ups, digital hands on fun, and festival street parties…


Titusville is just a hop and a skip away from Kennedy Space Center and during the festival you may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with rocket engineers and astronauts. Keep watching.

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