Virtual Reality Lab

googleName of the work: Virtual Reality Lab

Where: Sand Point Park Pavilion

If you have been to our festival before you know that we provide iPads loaded with lots of cool software so that you can try your hand at creating digital art.

This year, we are going to kick it up a notch.

The advances in Virtual Reality have been exciting this year.  New York Times subscribers were sent a free Google Cardboard viewer (which works in tandem with a smartphone) with instructions on how to download content. Looking into the device the user could look up, down, even behind them to see a virtual world in true 3D.

Our plan is to have these or similar VR devices and content at the ready for our visitors to experience for themselves.  It’s difficult to imagine how cool this technology is until you have seen it for yourself.



Tilt BrushAnd because Art & Algorithms is a digital art festival and our goal is to “take your breath away,” we can’t think of a better demonstration than Tilt Brush from Google.

Here is how Google describes it: From the earliest cave drawings, to classical paintings, to crayon scribbles, humans just have a thing for visual expression. These days digital art has spurred new opportunities for creativity, going well beyond good old pencils and paper. It’s against this canvas that we bring you Tilt Brush—a new virtual reality (VR) app that lets you paint from an entirely new perspective, available today on the HTC Vive.

With Tilt Brush, you can paint in three-dimensional space. Just select your colors and brushes and get going with a wave of your hand. Your room is a blank slate. You can step around, in and through your drawings as you go. And, because it’s in virtual reality, you can even choose to use otherwise-impossible materials like fire, stars or snowflakes.

Fine Artist Derek Gores is scheduled to experiment with the Tilt Brush sometime during the weekend (check the calendar for more info). His fine art canvases are exhibited by galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Cologne, Miami, Santa Fe and more. Gores’ design clients include Dwell Magazine, Lincoln Motor Co., ESPN, Lenny Kravitz, Lucasfilm, Kings of Leon, U2, Adidas, Madonna, Harley Davidson, Standard Collective, the National Football League, LiveNation, SEIU and more.

It should be interesting to see what Gores can create with this exciting new medium.

Follow this artist on Instagram: #derekgores