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InOrderToControl8-19Name of the work: In Order to Control

Created by: NOTA BENE

Members of NOTA BENE : Burak Gölge, Aysegül Kantarcı, Tevfik R. Gözlükçü,  Murat Can Oguz, Murat Can Oguz, Begüm Avar

Country: Turkey

Where: Digital Village

 Artists scheduled to attend Art & Algorithms:

Burak Gölge

Tevfik R. Gözlükçü

Artist Meetup | October 8 | 6P

Artist Meetup | October 10 | 6P

Artist Meetup | October 11 | 1P

Words are projected onto the floor of the gallery. As the patrons move into the space their bodies block the words on the ground, but then the words are displayed on the wall in front of them Viewers have to work together to be able to attempt to decipher the meaning, or to simply embrace the interactive experience.


Robert Dansby of the California Institute for the Arts discusses this work:

NOTA BENE is a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul. It includes Burak Gölge, Aysegül Kantarcı, Tevfik R. Gözlükçü,  Murat Can Oguz, Murat Can Oguz and Begüm Avar .

Their work In Order to Control sets up multilayered ‘learning’ structures – by attempting to read text projected onto the exhibition’s floor, the viewers body blocks said projection. The are blocked from the floor is then projected onto the wall in front of the viewers. As more viewers enter the piece more text is blocked from the floor and projected onto the wall. The viewers bodies become the projection of the text both in a figurative and literal sense. While many works use imaging and projection to redefine objects and spaces, this projection redefines expectations and activity with a goal to reinitiate activity and then reveal content. The initial triggers for the experience occur first with the realization that the shadows produced by the body blocking the projection ‘move’ the blocked text to wall in front of the viewer.

In order for the text to be understood ( or at least read) the viewer or viewers must provide as much movement and as much shadow on the floor projection as possible. This encourages not only interaction with the space and thus the text , but also interactive possibilities with other viewers … a layered and gradually unfolding interaction. As the text is revealed the tie in between activity and inactivity is underscored by both textual reinforcement and actual action.

In Order to Control


Here’s how NOTA BENE describes their work:

In Order to Control is an interactive visual typographic installation made by NOTA BENE Visual (Istanbul) to encourage a discussion about the threshold of ethics.

Our project came up after the invitation of Freemote Festival NL to bring together various newmedia projects within the framework of the threshold concept. We adapted it into a statement discussing on ethics by departing from three notions; singularity, virtuality and violence. Our goal is to criticize people who don’t ”move” and make the visitors criticize about themselves. In Orderto Control is facing the audience with a statement, a political text, by using new media tools (kinect/projections). We designed an innovative way to share our ideas by relating and matching the mind and body actions. The context and the subtext, they are hidden inside the system we designed. We want to encourage people to gang up against the ”social norms” and ”legal norms” imposed and insisted both causing to – and – nourished by – singularity, virtuality and violence.

In-Order-to-Control-Nota-Bene-Visual-2To create a full sentence in the projected text, you should move due to the flow rate of the line or you should merge your arms with another person. With every visitor coming to read the text, our design changes itself, cause the interaction we designed is not based on a flowchart with limited options. In contrast, it generates itself simultaneously with the body actions of the visitor. With every visitor, the work adapts itself and therefore becomes a unique project. Some visitors are just having fun with their reflections on the letters, some of them read the text properly and some people watch the ones who read and who don’t read, and during all this thinking, criticizing and discussing process, we understand that the goal of designer, producer and consumer is flexible. The consumer of media art becomes part of the installation and produces the outcome, so he becomes a prosumer. ”Less is more”, nowadays there are too many possibilities to design, create and share what you want. We therefore went back to basic and chose a simple graphic design. A black and white typographic installation which totally expresses what we want with a ”portable and spatial” design product. We believe strongly in improving our skills on design methods and interfaces on artistict level first, before we adapt and practice them into commercial works. By investigating new ways of storytelling NBv tries to find an interactive way of consuming data.


Burak Gölge

Burak Gölge


Tevfik Rıza Gözlükçü

Tevfik Rıza Gözlükçü


The artists :

Project Management: Burak Gölge

Art Director: Aysegül Kantarcı

Installation Design: Tevfik R. Gözlükçü

Concept: Murat Can Oguz

Synopsis: Murat Can Oguz, Aysegül Kantarcı

Translation: Begüm Avar