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Name of the work: Arboria

The Arboria exhibit is co-sponsored by Parrish Healthcare

The Architects of Air exhibit is co-sponsored by Parrish Healthcare, helping to make the Arboria experience accessible to our community is one more way Parrish Healthcare is serving to fulfill its mission— Healing experiences for everyone, all the time®.

Created by: Architects of Air, artistic director Alan Parkinson

Country: UK


Where: Sand Point Park

Please Note: There is a $6 admission charge to enter Arboria.  Children 4 years and under may enter free, accompanied by a paying adult. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (maximum 4 children per adult)

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Friday Feb 3 — 4 P – 10 P (last admission )
Saturday Feb 4 — 2 P – 10 P (last admission)
Sunday Feb 5 — 1 P – 6 P (last admission)

Arboria, part of the Architects of Air 2016 North American Tour.   Pictures don’t do this luminarium justice.  It really is huge and impressive.

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Imagine entering into a vast new world of light and color, an environment that could almost be another planet. That gives you a hint of the fun that crowds enjoy when they step into Arboria and wander the magical halls and galleries within.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInspired by trees, Arboria is a combination of cones and spheres that give rise to luminous tree trunks
and brightly shining branches triangulating in the 33 ft. tall Main Dome—the largest open space in any luminarium anywhere.

The 33 foot high cupola in the center of the Main Dome takes its inspiration from the medieval Chapter House of York Minster in England. Here the original tall Gothic windows and overarching columns are reinterpreted with luminous lines that culminate in radiant rib vaulting.

Each of the three other major domes feature their own stylized leaf motif, designed to fit the underlying shape of a stellated dodecahedron.

Arboria is the first luminarium to have its own dedicated sound experience, one that originated in a Cloud Forest. Musician and soundscape ecologist, Alice Eldridge (, has travelled to Ecuador and made recordings of forest and wildlife sounds to which she has added her own piano composition.

32 Luminarium ARBORIA Luftaufnahme_D71_1362

From the Guggenheim in Spain to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the monumental and interactive walk-in sculptures of Architects of Air and designed by Alan Parkinson, have astounded audiences across the globe.

In 2016 Architects of Air is celebrating 24 years of touring in 41 countries. The luminarium offers a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes where Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and Gothic cathedrals meld into an inspiring monument to the beauty of light and color, and where visitors can happily lose themselves.

The installation awakens all the senses, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment for all ages. Visitors are transported and immersed into an amazing world of light and subtle and saturated hues, for a unique sensory experience, and brings visual art in places where you wouldn’t expect it.

It is a paradox that such a stimulating environment can simultaneously be so calming and comforting. Many people find the Luminarium a place for rest or meditation.

  • The luminarium is accessible to wheelchair users and people with mobility difficulties

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (maximum 4 children per adult)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArboria Internal pan 3


Founder, designer and artistic director Alan Parkinson first started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures in the 1980s and has since developed his own language of form in this plastic medium.

Alan Parkinson’s involvement with inflatable structures began on a Nottingham community project in 1981. He designed and built his first luminarium in 1985, with the aid of Probation Service offenders. In 1990 he created ‘Eggopolis’ which was the first of his luminaria to be shown outside Nottinghamshire.

In 1992 the community project closed down and Architects of Air was formed. Alan Parkinson’s intention is to stimulate visitors to a sense of wonder to the beauty of light and color, and create an environment where the visitors experience is influenced by their own relation to space. Alan describes his intention as an ‘Architect of Air’ in the following terms:

“What motivates me to design is the fact that I continue to be struck by the beauty of light and color found in the luminaria. These structures nurture an awareness of a pure phenomenon that gently cuts through everyday conditioned perceptions and awakens a sense of wonder in people”

The pneumatic form has a simple purity that echoes that of the light it contains. It has been Alan’s work to explore what is possible within the laws of pneumatics to develop an architectural aesthetic capable of doing justice to the beauty of the light in the luminarium. Since 1992 Architects of Air, a Nottingham based company, has built 21 luminaria, made over 600 exhibitions, and toured in 41 countries where over 2 million visitors have immersed themselves in the luminous world of Architects of Air.


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• Parrish Healthcare is proud to be a signature (and the exclusive) health sponsor for Art & Algorithms since its inception.
• We believed in the potential Art & Algorithms had, and we, alongside Commissioner Fisher and other community leaders, we were and remain determined to be part of our community’s renaissance.
• Art and nature have long been fundamental elements of our healing philosophy.
• Like art and nature, healing experiences affect how we sense, feel, think, act, and relate to ourselves and the people around us, which is why we are particularly delighted to help bring the spectacular Arboria exhibit (experience) to Art & Algorithms this year.
• The Arboria is dedicated to the theme of trees and it is a masterful representation of the blending of art, science and nature to create an experience for people.
• Helping to make the Arboria experience accessible to our beloved community is one more way Parrish Healthcare is serving to fulfill its mission— Healing experiences for everyone, all the time®.