Andrew Brooks in 2014

In 2014, the Art and Algorithms Festival brought U.K. based photographer and digital artist Andrew Brooks to Titusville. Happily, Andrew has continued a relationship with people in the area and is creating a body of new work based on his experiences here. He influenced us, we influenced him, and that is exactly the intent.  The knowledge of our power to change our own world view and the world view of our area is alive and well and contiuing in Titusville, Florida.  Stay tuned to Art & Algorithms, and stay connected to Andrew Brooks and the other digital artists who come our way.

Andrew Brooks, self portrait

Andrew Brooks, self portrait

From “In pictures: How Andrew Brooks is Photoshopping the world” WIRED MAGAZINE

A Manchester-based photographer spends hours in the studio bringing you well-known cities — but as you’ve never seen them before.

When Andrew Brooks learned the skills needed to maneuver the high-end post-production equipment used in advertising photography, his creativity and eye for detail led him to completely new worlds.

These panoramic and mystical images have been created from hundreds, and in some cases, thousands, of detailed photographs of urban scenes that have been meticulously spliced together. Speaking to, Brooks explained his work process: “They are all composite images, made of at least 40, if not hundreds of, individual photos. I don’t try to capture the image in one go, but prefer to gain as much detail as possible and then piece it together in Photoshop and post-production.”

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Here’s a “time-lapse” view of Andrew at work, showing how he merges hundreds of images into one.



Andrew, who exhibits internationally, creates vistas, hyper real worlds and imagined scenes that are created from hundreds of captured images that are both real and visions from his own imagination.
Looking at his work it is often impossible to decide if what you are looking at is a real place or something he has created himself, so familiar yet so different at the same time are his images.

Brooks2The depth and detail and even scales of his work is fascinating and engrossing at the same time as each image is examined and explored and discovered for the first time making all of us adventurers, visitors and travelers all at the same time.

Using digital photography to create images that have been described as having “a touch of the cosmic in lots of the fantastical panoramas”, Brooks has been commissioned for high-profile international projects like the Hidden City Series and work for the BBC.

Nicholas Jackson of the Atlantic has said, “Brooks transforms typical scenes and landscapes into places that look like they could only have been constructed in your dreams.”

Brooks1“Exploring and discovering for the first time makes all of us adventurers, visitors and travelers all at the same time.”
Clifton Stewart, Curator